Custom Flies Tied To Order 

Fly Guy is pleased to be offering sets of flies!

The sets include some of the best Stillwater fly patterns going and a few variations that are proven fish catchers!

All flies are tied on high quality hooks (kamasan, fulling mill, mustard, partridge, dohiku etc) using quality materials.

Each fly is tied in the UK by professional guide, angling writer and ex England youth international, Ben Fox. Ben has high standards and no fly leaves his vice without it making the grade!

£16 per set

An extra fly of each pattern in a set is available at £6 per set

FREE FIRST CLASS POSTAGE (flies are tied to order so allow a maximum of a month for tying, if your order isn’t sent out with in a month you will be refunded half your total for the order)

5 patterns

2 of each (a spare!)

Barbless flies are available at an extra cost of £2 per set due to the price of quality barbless hooks!

All reservoir patterns are tied to international rules.



Midas Selection:


The mythical, magical, Midas. A pattern surrounded with mystery and capable of changing a days fishing in seconds. Invented by Paul Davison for the competition seen it was a close guarded secret for years. The secrets out, so get them on!


Ginger Midas, Black Midas, Black booby Midas, Bibio Sugarlump Midas, Claret Midas. 

All sz10   


Reservoir Dries Selection:


Nothing beats seeing a take on the surface. These dries will help you see it more often! Some of my favrites that have accounted for many fish on the bigger waters up and down the country.


Big Red sz10, Hares Shuttlecock sz10, Black Shipmans sz12, Claret Hopper sz10, Ginger Bob Bits sz12.       


Reservoir Nymph Selection:

A nymph for every occasion, all fish catchers! Whether the fish are on buzzers, pin fry, shrimp, corixa or any of the other subaquatic minibeasts these flies will fit the bill.


Red Holographic Diawl Bach, White Hares Ear, Black Cruncher, Black Traffic Light Buzzer, Pearly Pheasant Tail Nymph.   

All sz10  


Reservoir Lure Selection:

A selection of mini lures tied to international rules which take fish year round!


Sunburst Sparkler, Cats Whisker, Black Cats Whisker, Damsel, Red Holographic Cormorant.

All sz10   


Reservoir favourites Selection:


I love fishing reservoirs and these are my banker patterns, if I could only use 5 patterns these would be them!


Cat Booby, Big Red, Tequila Blob, Red Holographic Diawl, Pearly Cormorant.   

All sz10    



Smallwater favourites Selection:


Whether your stalking a trophy trout, covering a rising fish or casting a lure blind this selection has you covered!


Hares Ear Suspender sz12 , Red Cheek Buzzer Beadhead sz12, Damsel Lure sz10, Cats Whisker Beadhead sz8,  Pheasant Tail Nymph Weighted sz12. 



Smallwater dries selection:

Tackling a small water with a dry is often the best way to get the most out of your day. These patterns will keep you catching all day!


Black Shuttlecock sz12, Hares Ear Suspender sz12, Red Arse Black Hopper sz12, Olive Bob’s Bits sz12, daddy long legs sz10


Smallwater lure selection:


Big, bright and beautiful these are flies to get the fish going early season and right the way through.


Beadchain Cats Whisker, Damsel, Pink Nomad, Orange Dog Nobbler, Black and Green Tadpole goldhead.     

All Sz8    


Smallwater nymph selection:


A variety of nymphs to cover you for a successful day on the bank.


Hares Ear Weighted, Red Cheek Buzzer Goldhead, Damsel, Pheasant Tail Nymph Weighted, Diawl Bach Goldhead   

All sz12    




Booby selection:


A selection of foam eyed lures that account for thousands of fish every season, all tied to international rules these versatile patterns take fish at all depths and the pop of the eyes acts like a dinner bell to the hungry trout.


Sparkler, Pink, Cats Whisker, Black Cat, Olive  

All sz10    



Blob selection:


No one knows quite the fish love this simple pattern so much…but they do and it’s a must for a successful day. Tied to international rules.


Orange, Pink, Biscuit, Tequila , Black and Green  

All sz10    



FABS Selection:


A blob with a foam tail, the ideal pattern for methods such as washinglining. Tied in the favourite colours to International rules these flies will help make your next session a good one.


Sunburst, Pink, Biscuit, Tequila, Black    


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