I’ve never been quite sure what possessed me to ask my g5randpa (who doesn’t fish) to take me fishing on one of my regular trips to stay with him. But at age seven I decided I wanted to give fishing a go. My grandpa bought me a beginner's fishing kit which contained a small whip, some basic terminal tackle and artificial bait. My first session was at Hornsea Mere which I believe to be the largest natural lake in Yorkshire…my four metre whip and plastic maggot didn’t stand a chance really.


The next progression from this was actual bait, then a rod and reel and a year later my first fish. Fly fishing came later. I had read about this complicated area of the sport for years and desperately wanted to give it a go. Lack of gear and fear of spending all my money on the wrong stuff meant I held off, until one day I was left a full set of fly fishing and fly tying equipment by the man I know simply as Ken. He was my dad’s work colleague's father who, by leaving me his gear when he passed, is responsible for my love of chucking fluff. I owe a lot to him.

Fast forward to May 2015 and I’m sat in a boat waiting to go out on the magnificent Grafham  Water for my first fishing competition, the youth national…start at the top I guess. I managed to qualify for the England Youth Team off the back of that and enjoyed two wonderful years fishing with the three lions on my cap.

I now spend my time as a fly and coarse fishing guide and coach, competition fisherman, angling writer and instructor with Fishing 4 Schools. I am also a part time educational support worker 

There’s not much more to know about me really, I just live and breathe the wonderful sport of fishing.


Competition pedigree:

2 England Youth Caps

English top rod in the 2016 youth home international in Ireland

2nd overall in the 2016 youth home international in Ireland

2nd in 2017 junior bank national final

2x north west junior bank national heat wins

2x Scierra pairs heat winner and finalist 

3rd in youth national 2016

Anglers World Fly Fishing Championship finalist (formerly Lexus)

England senior Bank Semi finalist 

England senior national qualifier 


Level 1 Angling Trust Angling Coach 

Level 2 Angling Trust Angling Coach 

Emergency First Aid Certificate 

Safeguarding Certificate